Magnum, P.I.

The Woman on the Beach

One night, Rick, feeling down after learning that a girl he was serious about is getting married, meets an attractive young woman called Sara, a beautiful woman dressed in a white vale. As the pair befriend each other, she tells him that she is being terrorised by a man named Henry Ellison, after she didn’t return his feelings of love. But during a walk on the beach with the girl, she suddenly disappears, seemingly into thin air. Rick insists that Thomas look in to it, and they learn that Sara died 35 years ago, after supposedly committing suicide, though there was rumour that suggested she was murdered; and sightings of her ghost are occasionally reported. Magnum digs into both the past and present to find if there is logical explanation and if someone is impersonating Sara, or if it really was something more ethereal that Rick encountered..

Aired Oct 22, 1981 0:00 am

Feb 20, 2023 6:53 pm

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