Happy Friday!

The weather this weekend was lovely! Too bad it's almost Monday...

I dreamed that my mom treated my sister and I to dinner at a restaurant near a beach we used to vacation at when we were younger. When we got to the restaurant, I took my jacket off and sat at a table. The jacket was like a pale blue bomber. I sprinkled grated cheese on it and... I started to eat it! I was very careful not to eat the lining fabric, though. Just the outer shell. WEIRD.

I do dare! These things are so good!

Welp. I was so proud to be a COVID virgin. My husband and I got tested because we've been feeling like crap and, lo and behold, he's positive and I'm "inconclusive" but I guess, given the circumstances, I'm most likely also positive.

So, we're COVID virgins no more. 🥺

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