I watched the ball drop on CNN this year. I thought the whole thing was pretty gay. So, seeing a gay couple kiss right after midnight was in line with the rest of their programming that night, in my opinion. Of course, I didn't even think people would lose their shit over a kiss. I forget the times we live in.

Anyway. Happy New Year!



CNN airs interracial gay kiss on New Year's Eve, and bigots are raging

CNN has riled up homophobic bigots after sharing a joyous gay kiss on New Year's Ever just seconds after the ball dropped to kick off 2024.

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Michael Scott Phillips

@borghal In the article, there's a Twitter post that says something like "a gay interracial couple is not representative of NYC" and I'm like "have you been to NYC?!"


@MSPAuthor That's what I thought, too! Though I haven't been to NYC myself, I've only seen what they show on TV, so maybe... I've been programmed? ????

Böckli 平凡札記

@borghal We watched it too. It’s been like that since years. My companion and I often joke about that CNN is basically a gay network considering how many #LGBTQIA people working for/with them. It’s just an observation. There’s nothing wrong or right about it.



@boeckli We were always fans of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, but this year I didn't have an antenna handy, and I didn't find it streaming quickly, while CNN's was available on Max. So we watched that. I feel like we will continue to watch it as long as it continues to be this gay ????

Böckli 平凡札記

@borghal You probably could count on that!

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