Today is employee appreciation day so the studio gave us the afternoon off. I got together with the husband and went exploring downtown Portland. We had empanadas de queso for lunch. They were so good!

Moving Update

We've been looking at houses throughout the Greater Portland area since arriving in Maine. We didn't find anything within our budget to satisfy our wants, so we expanded our search radius and went to Waterville yesterday.

We saw a house we loved. We made an offer last night. Our offer was accepted today. If everything goes well, we'll be Watervillains before the end of March! I'm so excited!

If I move to Waterville, Maine, I think that makes me a Watervillain. Like Black Manta, or Attuma. I'm cool with that.

Gorgeous day for a walk at the Western Promenade in , !

It's 32°F. Evidently, that's weather in , !

(That's not me in the picture.)

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