Yikes, what is Google trying to tell me? 😳😳😳

Happy Tuesday! I'm doing the squinty eyes thing again. I realized I do this when I'm not wearing glasses in my selfies... It makes sense!

My BIL’s sofa ate my cellphone

Tonight i say down to watch It Chapter 1. I used my cellphone to check in my movie watch on Trakt, and then I forgot all about it for the duration of the show.

After the movie ended, I started looking for my cellphone and I couldn't find it. I asked the Google assistant to ring it and... The sound came from inside the sofa!

Somehow the thing went all the way inside the arm of the sofa. In order to get it back, I had to remove the upholstery. It was a mess.

Squinty Eyes

I'm not sure why I had squinty eyes when I took this selfie, but I dig it. I don't know if I'll be able to replicate it in the future but maybe this will be my "look". A "I misplaced my prescription glasses" kinda look.

Is this like an early kinda situation? I've been fooled before, I don't want to be hurt again 😅

NY Grand Jury Votes to Indict Donald Trump: Live Updates

Mr. Trump will be the first former president to face criminal charges. The precise charges are not yet known, but the case is focused on a hush-money payment to a porn star during his 2016 campaign.

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