In reply to Niko

Hey, I received your webmention! But (the service I use to process the webmentions) didn’t find your name in your markup, I guess.

Thank you for your encouragement about the way I display webmentions! And the fact that yours came through without an author will help me better deal with that edge case.

And certainly, reducing the friction in publishing is my main goal with implementing micropub! Though I’m still a long way from even starting working on that.


Leveling up my IndieWeb game

My markup is still a bit rough and minimal. I guess you could use the name in my h-card, but I definitely should add the author to the h-entry.

Libove Blog

I've worked on my microformat markup and added more author information to the h-entry. Additionally I've added support for replys to my Markdown files, by defining the reply-to in the meta data like such:

  url: ""

Hope this works for your webmention implementation :)

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