Selfies to show off my new glasses!

I used that money before it went away to buy new glasses. I did it online so I wasn't sure how they'd look on me. I received them yesterday and I love them!

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Michael Scott Phillips

@borghal Nice. They look great.

Borghal :verified_gay:

@MSPAuthor aww, thank you, bud!

Wolf M. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

@borghal They look great! 😎

Casey Peel

@borghal they look great!

Borghal :verified_gay:

@WolfM thank you!

Borghal :verified_gay:

@gairdeachas aww, thanks!


@borghal Wow! Love them! And they complement each other nicely, too... Well done!

It's Pronounced DEETS

@borghal Very nice!

Borghal :verified_gay:

@jeepdude_70 thanks! πŸ€—


@borghal looking good!

Borghal :verified_gay:

@Ncarolinaboys thanks! πŸ™

Christopher St. Clair

@borghal Those are great!

Borghal :verified_gay:

@chris_st_clair aww thank you!

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