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Nothing like a Monday morning coding session. I received a repost which prompted me to add to the types of webmentions I display under notes and blog posts. Now I’m ready for the week ahead!

In reply to Niko

Hey, I received your webmention! But (the service I use to process the webmentions) didn’t find your name in your markup, I guess.

Thank you for your encouragement about the way I display webmentions! And the fact that yours came through without an author will help me better deal with that edge case.

And certainly, reducing the friction in publishing is my main goal with implementing micropub! Though I’m still a long way from even starting working on that.

We fixed our front door lock last weekend. Today, we fixed the lock in the garage. I feel like a real locksmith now.

In reply to Christian Engel

Thanks for the comment, fellow Christian!

I wasn’t familiar with Wouter Groenevald’s article, but now I have bookmarked. It’s full of good stuff! But, like you, I feel comfortable with the webmentions being rendered server-side when the site is build. This is not Twitter, after all. They can wait.

I’m also looking forward to start implementing micropub. I’ll document as I go along. I’ll keep an eye on your progress, too!

In reply to Borghal

And now trying to figure out if I can reply to notes from my site using Webmentions.

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