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Well, I guess I got so excited that I replied to the wrong note. But I think you must have received my original webmention, right? In the wrong note? What happens if I fix it now after it has been sent? Time to find out!

In reply to Niko

Hey, it worked! Good job!

In my case, I’ve switched to JSON for the metadata in my notes. Along with the url, I have an author field to display it in the note:

    "reply_to" : {
        "url": "",
        "author": "Niko"

I’ve also noted that I received the publish time from your webmention in UTC, but my blog fails to make the conversion to my local timezone. So I guess all webmentions in this site are displayed in whatever timezone they originated, which may make it a bit confusing if, for instance, a reply has a timestamp earlier than the post it’s replying to. I’ll have to make sure all times are displayed in the same time zone going forward! Something else to add to the to-do list!

Thanks for helping me test all of this, Niko!

Edit: changed the reply_to in the metadata to point to the correct note in your blog. Let’s see what happens when I change the markup after the webmention has been sent!

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