I don't remember if I already posted this, but...

A few weeks ago I was looking at my old stats, and I saw that back in the day I was pretty obsessed with this song.

Now I've discovered that I'm still pretty obsessed with it.

I’m still stuck in 2003

This is a post to test something I'm working on. Have this song that has lived in my brain rent-free since 2003.

20 Years of Give Up

It came to my attention that it will be 20 years since Give Up by the Postal Service came out next year. 20 years! I'm old!

But it also reminded me of this video Sub Pop Records put out for the 10th-anniversary edition of the album, well, 10 years ago. It's hilarious!


Which Sandman Is More Popular? America vs. Metallica

3 minutes

The battle of the Sandmen

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