I can’t say I was surprised when I heard the news. But I was disappointed.

I was an early adopter: I got the Founder’s Edition and subscribed to Stadia Pro from day one. I did have a great experience with the platform. I never had any troubles streaming games on my Pixel Phone, or on my 4K monitor with the Google Chromecast.

Stadia was my main gaming platform. I don’t own a console. And my gaming PC is showing its age. So I played Cyberpunk 2077 there. And Marvel’s Avengers. And, though late by many years, Red Dead Redemption 2.

I’ll miss the flexibility of playing anywhere I want to. The ease of going from playing on my TV in the family room, to playing on my office monitor, to playing on my phone.

I guess now I have to choose my next gaming platform. Perhaps with my Stadia Stimulus Check I’ll get a Steam Deck.

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