Happy New Year!

My dear , I'm sorry I've missed your witty New Year , good wishes, and fireworks photos. I'm still in the process of , and I hope I'll be able to share again soon. Maybe even my posts will be about something other than moving!

Until then, happy new year!

Monday Selfie

Happy Monday, !

This is a short work week for me, followed by an extended Holiday break and then the big move. I'm still stressed out but excited about the future!

I hope you all will have an excellent week!

Friday Selfie

Happy Friday, !

Wolverine was always one of my favorite X-Men. As a kid I thought Weapon-X was one of the best comics ever made. But maybe it was just Barry Windsor-Smith's art.

In-between-meetings selfie

Happy Tuesday, ! How's everyone's day going? I'm stuck in meetings this morning... Wish me luck!

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