It's happening today! Though we moved to our new home during the weekend, our stuff arrived today from NC. And it's a lot of stuff... We're pulling everything in the garage while we get our floors done in the house, so it will be a while before we're truly "moved in."

My future home office, maybe 🤔

Moving Update

We've been looking at houses throughout the Greater Portland area since arriving in Maine. We didn't find anything within our budget to satisfy our wants, so we expanded our search radius and went to Waterville yesterday.

We saw a house we loved. We made an offer last night. Our offer was accepted today. If everything goes well, we'll be Watervillains before the end of March! I'm so excited!

We made it to ! This was our final stop before we get to our temporary home in Portland. I'm letting my husband take over the driving duties because I don't want to drive in the city 😅

Time to refuel, the car and ourselves!

Third stop: still in CT! But at least we're through Hartford. Getting closer!

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